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‘17th Women’s Marathon’, The Biggest Family Sports Festival in May

▲    ©LEE, Jung-Sil, Photo Journalist of The Women's News

The ‘17th Women’s Marathon’ was co-hosted by the City Of Seoul and Women News on the 13th at the World Cup Park. 

The City of Seoul Athletic Association, Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, Korean Women’s Development Institute sponsored the event. 

This year’s Women’s Marathon’s theme was “I run for tomorrow” and it encouraged for the people who challenges the future. Also, it was an inclusive event for people with a various family forms. About 8000 people attended the event. 

It was a little overcast, but the attendees didn’t lose smile on their faces. 

The marathon was opened by Korea Taekowndo Gymnastic Association’s performance followed by stretching before begin marathon. 

Women News’s CEO Hyosun Kim said “We truly welcome each one of you for attending the women’s marathon.” and “I hope you enjoy it safely.” 

The mayor of Seoul Wonsun Park praised that “One of the reasons that Women’s Marathon could been the signature event of Seoul regardless of gender, age is the citizen’s participation.” 

At 9:30 a.m., the 10km marathon participants started followed by 5km and 4km participants. 

The Australian ambassador Jame Choi joined the 10km marathon. 

For 4km walkathon, the ‘comfort women’ survovor Oksun Park and Oksun Lee attended with the employees of the House of Sharing and volunteers. 

At the event, HeForShe campaign, that promotes gender equality, was also at the event. 

The national TaeKwondo athlete Daehoon Lee and short track athlete YoonKi Kwak was appointed as the HeForShe ambassador. 

Also, HeForShe Korea’s ‘HeForSheSong (Subtitle: I am HeForShe) was released for the first time. It has upbeat melody and anyone could sing along easily. 

JungSuk Lee(39 mins 30 sec 89) took the Women’s 10km’s first place. Jiyoon Lee for the second place, Sangmi Oh for the third.

Wareepithuk Saendong (33mins40sec65) took the Men’s 10km’s first place. Pyongsoo Nam for the second place and Jinsu Choi  the third.

Seounghwa Ryu took the Women’s 5km first place, Sunyoung Lee for the second place and Young Kim for the third place. 

Yujin Hong took the Men’s 5km first place, SukKeun Jeong for the second place and EunSup Kim for the third place. 

The winners for the 5km•10km race were awarded with a certificate, prize money and Panasonic electric toothbrush ‘Jet Washer’. 

Lee Hana Women’s news reporters / Trans by Casey Cho
1985호 [Sports] (2017-06-20)
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