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About the Steering Committee of the Forum
The Steering Committee of the Forum consists of 76 members from all sectors of society.

Among the politicians and government officials on the committee are Rep. of The National Assembly Gi-Jung Kang . Dong-Cheol Kim . Tae-Hong Kim . Hyung-Il Yang .  Dong-Yun Yum . 1Kei-Kyung Lee . Mi-Kyung Lee . Dong-Chea Chung . Byung-Moon Jee  2Kyung-Cheon Kim, former Rep., In-Tae Jang, Second Vice Minister of Ministry of Government Affairs and Home Affairs, Jung-Pyo Cho, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Bak-Won Kang, Chairman of Gwangju Metro-
politan Council, Seung-Yeon Lee, Chairman of Gwangju Metropolitan Board of Edu-cation, 3Seong-Sook Kim, Chairman of education & Social Affairs Committee, Gwangju Metropolitan Council, Myung-Ja Lee, Member of Gwangju Metropolitan Council,
4Nak-gyun Sin, Head of the delegation of The Democratic Party, Chul-Koo Yoon, Senior Secretary to Dae-jung Kim, former president, Young Han, Supreme Council Members of The Grand National Party.

Those representing the business community are Hyang-Deok Kim, Chairman of Korean Women Entrepreneurs Association Gwangju·Jeonnam Branch, Hyeong-Ryeol Ma, Chairman of Gwangju Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 5Yun-Jeong An, Chairman of the Korean Women Entre-preneurs Association, Hong-Seop Yeom, Chairman of Gwangju·Jeonnam Employers Federation, Dong-seok Chae, Vice-president of Samsung Gwangju Electronics Co.

And, those representing the academic community are  Jung-Chae Kang, President of Chonnam National University, Joo-Hoon Kim, President of Chosun University, Hyeok-Jong Kim, President of Gwangju University, Hyun-Chong Lee, President of Honam University, Hyeon-Mo Im, President of Gwangju National University of Education, Kyeong-Nam Baek, Professor of Dongguk Univer-sity, Sun-il Ahn, Gwangju Superintendent of Metropolitan office of Education, Seong-Kwan Huh, President of Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology.

Female Activists of Civic & Social Groups include Nancy Choi, Peace Ambassador of UN IAEWP, 6Gyeong-Seo Park, the First Human rights Ambassador of Republic of Korea, Yong-Chae Kim, Joint representative of Gwangju Citizens' Coalition for Economic Justice, 7Gap-Suk Kim, Pre-sident of Gwangju YWCA, 8Hye-Ja Kim, President of the Gwangju Council of Women's association, Cheol-Ho Bang, President of KCST, Bong-Rye Seo, President of Gwangju Saemaul Women's association, Seong-Rye An, Representative of May Women's association, Hyeon-Seong Jeong, Pre-sident of The Council of Christian Denomi-nation in Gwangju.

Members on the committee from the media include Sang-Gyun Kim, CEO of Gwangju MBC, Jin-Yeong Kim, CEO of The Gwangju Ilbo, Hyo-Sun Kim, CEO of The Women's News, Seok-Heung Park, General Director of Gwangju KBS. Members from the culture and art community are Gyo-Eun Kang, Professor of Korean literature at Donga University, Gyu-Cheol Choi, President of Gwangju Art&Culture, Dal-Yong Heo, President of KPAF.

The Secretariat in the Gwangju Metropolitan City Government is headed by 9U-Jin Im, Vice Mayor, 10Kwang-Jo Shin, Director of City Marketing Headquaters, 11Seong-Suk Nam, Officer of Welfare and Women's Affairs Bureau.
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