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World's Peace-loving Women Assemble at Gwangju Forum
Theme: 'Women's Rights and Culture'
'Gwangju Declaration on Women's Peace' to be Adopted at the Closing Ceremony
The 2007 World Women's Peace Forum Gwangju(WWPFG, www.

wpf2007.org) is eventually open to seek ways for world peace and the roles of women. The Forum held at the Kimdaejung Convention Center in Gwangju on June 26-28, 2007 is expected to be attended by over 2,000 participants including 200 peace and human rights activists, scholars and leaders of the women's communitiesfrom home and abroad, and ordinary citizens.

The Forum held under the theme of 'Women's Rights and Culture' comprises three sessions in which participants will share their ideas on multiculturalism and women, women's human rights and violence against women, and empowering women and peace. At the closing ceremony, the Forum is expected to adopt 'A Gwangju Declaration on Building up a World Women's Peace Network'.

Participants pay tribute to the National Cemetery for May 18 Democratic Uprising on the first day of the WWPFG. Other events include a performance by finalists of the National Competition for Women's Choirs, and a debate by college students. Throughout the Forum period, more than 50 organizations take part in 'The Festival of Women, Human Rights and Peace Movements' on the first and fourth floors of the Kimdaejung Convention Center and outside the center.

The 76-member Steering Committee, the organizer of the Forum, is led by former first lady LEE Hee-Ho, wife of ex-president KIM Dae-Jung, an honorary chair, Mayor PARK Gwang-Tae of Gwangju, and KIM Pill-Sick, Representative of Women of Gwangju, co-chairs, and chairwoman KIM Hye-Ja of the Gwangju City Council of Women, and chairwoman AHN Jean of the Gwangju-Jeonnam Women's Associations United.

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