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Nine companies win Equal Employment Awards
Females at Samsung SDS, Pantech account for over 30% on the average

▲ On April 1, 2005, the Ministry of Labor presented its fifth annual
Celebrating an equal employment week, an award ceremony of the 5th Equal Employment was held at the Grand Ballroom of the COEX on April 1. Nine businesses and 20 people were awarded prizes for their dedication to equal employment opportunities, maternity protection, support for workplace and home, employment of female workforce and development of occupational skills. 

A presidential commendation was bestowed on Samsung SDS(President & CEO Kim In), prime minister's commendations went to Designhouse(President Kim Young Hye), Pantech's Gimpo Factory(President & CEO Lee Sung Kyu), Keimyung University Dongsan Medical Center
(President Seo Soo Ji) and Jeil Electrical Machinery Industry(President & CEO Kang Jong Tae). 

Three businesses including Pusan National University Hospital(PNUH) were given commendations by the labor minister. In 2004, the ratio of female employees newly recruited by these awardees took up more than 30% on the average. The ratios at Pantech's Gimpo Factory and Andong Medical Center in Gyeongbuk stood at 65% and 64%, respectively, while the ratio of Designhouse stood at 50%. Pantech's Gimpo Factory and Designhouse allowed 40% of females to take care of job interviews, showing signs of reducing gender discrimination at the stage of recruitment. 

The labor ministry has presented prizes to businesses for their contribution to stable employment for women and improvement in sexual discrimination at work since April 1, 1988 when the Equal Employment Act took effect.

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